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Pastor Appreciation

This year for Pastor Appreciation we are wanting to do something BIG for our Pastor’s, Bob and Debbie! We are not only celebrating them for Pastor Appreciation, but also for their 65th Birthday’s that are in November. It has been a long, hard year (or two, or three! Ha) working on our church building. They have dedicated themselves to it, as well as to us. So we are wanting to work together and pay for a cruise for them so they can have so much needed relaxation time together. Our goal is to raise about $5,000. If we raise more money than the cruise costs, we will be applying it to airfare and spending money for their trip. We realize that this is going to be a tall order, but we also know that nothing is impossible when we work together and have a little help from God! We love our Pastor’s and hope that you will contribute to show them your love too!


Date: November 20, 2022

Time: After Church

Donate: In person (Catina, Jerri, Julie, Bekah or Lauren) or online (do not use the churches online donation account please!)

* The sooner you can send your donation in, the better, so we know exactly how to plan. 

* Remember that this is a SURPRISE for them, please do NOT tell them what we are planning!

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